About Us

We are Nigeria's pioneers in healthy culinary and fresh fruit juice production. This is your one-stop shop for satisfying all your pastry and beverage cravings.


Being a company that was born out of the desperate need for healthy nutritional habits, we pride in the superior quality of our products; our commitment to our customers is to always put their health before profit.

Currently, Manna operates in Port Harcourt and Lagos, where our products are retailed at various locations in both cities, some of which are:

  • Shell Petroleum Development Company’s industrial Area staff canteen
  • Port Harcourt Club
  • Total E&P Staff Cooperative Shop
  • Hubmart, supermarket chain (Ikeja, V.I.)


We are constantly researching and innovating new ways of delivering healthy and tasty products to Nigerians that can encourage Nigerians to live a healthier lifestyle.



Our goal is to provide the public with healthy alternatives to most foods, pastries, and fruit juices, without compromising on quality and taste. Hence, our mission at Manna is to make premium quality, healthy food products readily available to everyone.



Our desire is to inspire people to eat healthy. The vision of Manna is to be the leading manufacturer of healthy products that are exported globally, thereby helping to reduce the rising epidemic of health issues as a result of unhealthy food products.


"You are what you eat".



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Our Story

On October 1st, 2008, the day that all Nigerians celebrate our independence, the co-founder of Manna Health Bar & Shop, Mr. Cyril Harry, went into septic shock, which led to his diagnosis of prostate cancer.


Now, as most can imagine, it was a dark period but then, there came what seemed to be a faint beacon of hope in a clear leading that his wife and co-founder Mrs. Ifyeanyi Harry had; to “go for foods that cure”.


Through extensive research into nutritional therapies for cancer and the implementation of such findings, in 2009, after several confirmatory PSA tests at University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH), Braithwaite Memorial Hospital (BMH), and University College Hospital Ibadan, Mr. Cyril Harry was eventually given a clean bill of health at the Urology Department.


Thus, our journey into nutrition for healthy living, as Mr & Mrs C. M. Harry to realised the need for healthy alternatives to the sodas, artificial beverages, baked goods (savoury pastries and confectioneries).



What to learn more on how to eat your way out of certain health challenges?


Click here to book your nutritional counselling session, and signup for information on the upcoming release of our guide to living healthy tilted; Happy Healthy You.