Nutritional Counselling

We offer nutritional counseling for individuals who fall into one or more of the following categories:

          - you want to lose weight

          - you have a health condition like cancer, diabetes, e.t.c

          - you just want to change you lifestyle

If you fall into any of the categories above, all you need do is schedule an appointment. We also offer a meal plan service tailored to your unique health requirements.


Meal Plans

Our meal plan consists of detailed information on the foods to be consumed by clients daily. Clients can either opt for our weekly or monthly subscription plan is in two subscriptions, weekly or monthly. In addition, depending on their health situation, our counselors proffer the best plan.


  • Weekly Meal Plan for Weight Watchers – N8000
  • Weekly Meal Plan for People with Health Challenges – N10,000
  • Monthly Meal Plan for Weight Watchers – N25,000
  • Monthly Meal Plan for People with Health Challenges –N 50,000


Counseling sessions

Our counseling sessions are done virtually or face to face with our counselors. It involves our counselors advising clients on the best food choices or eating habits that can improve their wellbeing.

  • 30 minutes session - N10,000
  • 1 hour session - N15,000
  • 2 hour session - N25,000


You can also signup for our virtual seminars or events if you want to have a general idea of what this is all about before scheduling your one on one session. Please note that until the COVID-19 pandemic is over, we will not host physical events.

Our goal is to help you live your best life. So remember, whatever the challenge, there is always hope for improvement and full recovery.

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